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Seoul National University Press (SNUP) was established in 1961 with the purpose of assisting academic research and school education and promoting a publishing culture.

It started initially as a printing office on the SNU campus, with funding aid from the International Cooperation Administration (ICA), provided to the SNU as part of the Special Account for Economic Recovery. After serving simply as an in-house printing house in the early days, SNUP began to engage in both printing and publishing with effect from 1975.

Following its reorganization in 1981, publishing of academic works got under way, with the printing house delegated as an auxiliary body. In the 1990s, SNUP introduced an electronic editing and typesetting system and appointed specialists to handle the editing, typesetting, and printing, which launched it into a higher level of publishing. By January 2012, SNUP had published some 2,100 titles, including professional academic works in Korean or foreign languages, 45 series, specially planned collections, and textbooks.

Although publication of purely academic material is its primary concern, it also is devoted to publishing liberal arts books to meet the needs of a wider readership. For Korea's Discovery, a series that it planned in 1996 with the ambition to nurture increasing numbers of cultured people in society, SNUP published the first book in 1998 and continued to devote all its energy to expanding its themes. Recently, a book dealing with its 34th theme has been published.

In February 2004, SNUP released the Mentor Series in three volumes, the publication of which was more significant, as 57 SNU professors emeritus participated in the series as the writers. Publication of the specially planned the Veritas series in four volumes was launched in the second half of 2004.

With the intention to adapt proactively to the changing publishing environment, SNUP has been taking a stronger interest in utilizing various publication modes and increasing the number of titles with digital content electronic libraries. The results of the Long-term Basic Korean Studies Research Project, publication of which began in 2003, have been produced in several kinds of Korean Studies series.

Beginning in the first half of 2003, SNUP adopted an innovative cover design for its existing books, as well as new ones. It has continued to develop cover and text designs for new books and some reprinted titles in an effort to enhance the overall quality, appearance and stature of its publications. Its efforts have been rewarded every year, as some 400 titles it has published have made their way into the list of the "outstanding academic/cultural books" by authoritative organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

As part of its interest in globalizing distinguished achievements in research, SNUP has donated its publications to libraries and research institutes related to Korean Studies at foreign universities, including Hokkaido University, UCLA, Berlin University, and Central University for Nationalities in China. In addition, it once jointly published several books with university presses in the United States.

SNUP publishes and distributes valuable intellectual products in Korean or English to promote academic development in a wide variety of disciplines, not only domestically but also internationally. SNUP is dedicated to innovation and adapts continually to readers' changing requirements.

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