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Teaching Philosophy for Democracy
| Publication Date : 2000.02.15 | ISBN : 89-521-0103-0
US$ 22
Part one of this book examines how education of indigenous thoughts and philosophies in different areas in the Asia-Pacific region can relate with democracy and how philosophical u...
Religion, Ethnicity and Modernity in Southeast Asia
| Publication Date : 1998.11.10 | ISBN : 89-7096-316-2
US$ 22
The essays in this volume, originally presented for a conference held in Seoul in November 1996 under auspices of the Graduate Institute for International and Area Studies of Seoul...
Habermas and the Korean Debate
| Publication Date : 1998.11.10 | ISBN : 89-7096-323-5
US$ 32
This collection represents a dialogue between Habermas and Korean scholars to assess the significance and problems of critical theory as applied to South Korea where rapid historic...
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