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Tribal and Personal Names of the Jurchens in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty
| Publication Date : 2008.05.30 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0886-9
US$ 36
On the Formation, Development, and Collapse of the Park Chung Hee System
Soohaeng Kim, Seung-Ho Park | Publication Date : 2007.10.20 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0834-0
US$ 14
The Park Chung Hee System, a combination of high economic growth and terrible political dictatorship during the period of Presidents Park Chung Hee (May 1961-October 1979) and Chun...
Modern European Politics
Gye-Dong Kim | Publication Date : 2007.10.10 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0772-5
US$ 56
This book is a comprehensive examination of European politics. The first section analyzes the creation of the modem European order, as well as Europe’s state and political systems....
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