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Korean Social Scientists’ Exploration of the Silk road: Understanding of Uzbekistan Society and Culture
Sam Ock Park, Seok-Man Kwon | Publication Date : 2007.09.10 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0837-1
US$ 52
The Silkroad is the main pathway by which Eastern and Western cultures and materials were exchanged in antiquity. In this current era of globalization where everything is rapidly a...
Credit Rating System in Korea
In Ho Lee | Publication Date : 2007.09.10 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0827-2
US$ 14
The credit rating system provides information about the relative risk of financial securities. This research examines the institutional aspects of the credit rating system and sugg...
Judicial System Transformation in the Globalizing World: Korea and Japan
Dai-Kwon Choi & others | Publication Date : 2007.07.10 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0789-3
US$ 56
The challenges and the demands for change wrought by globalization did not leave the legal and judicial systems of the two neighboring countries in the Far East, Japan and the Rep...
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