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U.S. Policy Regarding Korea from 1942 to 1947
| Publication Date : 2003.12.05 | ISBN : 89-521-0427-7
US$ 41
The United States policy regarding Korea contains the aspect of international politics and at the same time contains the commitment of the internal politics of Korea. This book ana...
Martial Arts during the Reign of King Jeongjo
| Publication Date : 2003.09.05 | ISBN : 89-521-0448-X
US$ 15
Being adept at both literary and military arts was a major challenge to our ancestors and not just to modern people, and it will remain so through posterity. In Korean society, the...
On the Thunder-axe
| Publication Date : 2003.09.05 | ISBN : 89-521-0451-X
US$ 13
Prehistoric stone tools had been known as the thunder-axe in Korea. Their earliest known description can be seen in the royal records of the early 15th century Choson (1392-1910). ...
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