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A Study of the History of the Hwa-eum Thoughts in Silla Dynasty
| Publication Date : 2002.08.30 | ISBN : 89-521-0354-8
US$ 34
In order to properly understand the universal doctrine of a religious thoughts, it is important to examine how it was embraced and expressed by individuals of a time or a society. ...
Toegye's Philosophy as is Structured in the Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning
| Publication Date : 2001.07.30 | ISBN : 89-521-0289-4
US$ 28
The Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning is the work by Toeye (Yi Hwang, 1501-1570), the most famous and influential neo-Confucianist through the Chosen Dynasty. It summarizes his philoso...
The Spirits of Korean Confucian Literati
| Publication Date : 2000.11.20 | ISBN : 89-521-0221-5
US$ 26
"Confucian Literati" (Sonbi) is the character who indicates the direction of history and forms the center of society in Korean traditional society. "Sonbi spirit" was presented as ...
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