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The Land Grant of the Early Koryo Period
Kyung-Shik Lee | Publication Date : 2007.08.20 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0829-6
US$ 22
This hook aims to show the agrarian relationship in the period from the collapse of the Unified Shilla dynasty and the emergence of the Late Three Kingdoms to the unification of Ko...
Archetype and Metamorphosis
Tae-Gyun Park | Publication Date : 2007.07.10 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0816-6
US$ 30
Almost all scholars considered imperative influences from the colonial period as the origin of Korea's economic growth until now. However, modem Korean history shows a more complic...

The Mongol Empire and Korea
Hodong Kim | Publication Date : 2007.06.05 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0780-0
US$ 16
The succession struggle which erupted between Qubilai and Ariq Böke after the death of Grand Khan Möngke in 1259 was a typical phenomenon in the history of nomadic states...

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