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The Korean Chivalric Fiction
Hyung-jun Jeon | Issue : 2007.12.15 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0799-2
This book is a sequel to my 2003 work, Cultural Significance of the Korean Knight-Errant Fiction. In that work, I concentrated on an examination of the origins of the Chivalric gen...
Coastal Dunes on the West Coast of Korea
Keun-Bae Yu, Hosahng Rhew | Issue : 2007.12.15 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0840-1
Coastal dunes are a valuable natural feature of Korea. Coastal dunes act as a buffer against coastal erosion, contribute to the maintenance of freshwater aquifer stability in the c...
Discourse-Pragmatic Notion of Topic and Syntactic Analysis in Korean
Hong-Pin Im | Issue : 2007.12.15 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0839-5
This study redefines the notion of topic, and explores the functions of marked topics with particles like eun/neun, i/ga, eul/real etc. It is generally assumed that topic is discou...
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