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Korean Philosophy
A Study on Uisang's Hwaom Thought
| Issue : 1998.08.10 | ISBN : 89-7096-348-0
Uisang was a leading monk in 7th century Silla, that unified the three kingdoms, Goguryeo, Baekjae and Silla. And then Silla founded the base of Korean curture. Uisang, the founder...
The Philosophy and Life of Yi Toegye
| Issue : 1998.04.25 | ISBN : 89-7096-317-0
Toeye (Yi Hwang, 1501-1570) is the most influential and respected person in the Korean Confucianhistory. His study was a pioneer that established neo-Confucian theory in detail and...
Confucian Thoughts of Modern Korea (Revised Enlarged Edition)
| Issue : 1990.01.20 | ISBN : 89-521-0070-0
As a response to the national sufferings such as the fall of the Chosen Dynasty and the colonization by imperialistic Japan, Korean Confucians formed the unique thought of the time...
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