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Language Culture of North Korea
| Issue : 1999.11.10 | ISBN : 89-521-0098-0
This book is written with the aim of shaping unification language policies and recovering linguistic homogeneity of North and South Korea. Part I carries articles describing homoge...
A Study of Lee Sang's Literary Texts
| Issue : 1998.06.30 | ISBN : 89-7096-342-1
The author's personal feelings about his study of modern literature are expressed in this book with a touch of self-confession. Seen from the horizon of the literary study in the h...
Complexity of Korean Unification Process: System Approach
| Issue : 1998.05.20 | ISBN : 89-7096-324-3
This book comprises the papers read at a sub-session under the title of the Complex Process of South-North Korean Integration at the 41st Annual Conference of the International Soc...
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