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The Myth on the Provenance of Lady Weonang as an Archetypal Myth of Korea
| Issue : 2000.06.30 | ISBN : 89-521-0197-9
The myth of the provenance of Lady Weonang chronicle of Girim-sa Temple, Gyeongju, founded in the reign of Queen Seondeok of Silla Dynasty, was strongly tinged with Buddhism in the...
Korean Shamanism and Folk Theatre
| Issue : 1996.03.15 | ISBN : 89-7096-235-2
The first shamanism part includes three main themes, which are: Brass ware Contribution for Shaman Instruments in Initiation Rites; The Close Relationship Among Hereditary Shamans ...
Dangun (Revised Enlarged Edition)
| Issue : 1994.10.15 | ISBN : 89-7096-166-6
This book contains all materials about Dangun available "since Dangun" and introduces all interpretations of Dangun in a systematic presentation of all understandings and researche...
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