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A Study of Yongsanhoesang
| Issue : 1999.11.25 | ISBN : 89-521-0086-7
This study examines the formation and development of the three pieces of yongsanhoesang, a representative type of traditional Korean music: String yongsanhoesang, level yongsanhoes...
Korean Stone Art
| Issue : 1998.08.25 | ISBN : 89-7096-359-6
Korea is famous for stone art. This book consists of Korean stone art focusing on stone buildings including out stone Buddha and stone sculpture. It is a chronological study of sto...
Court Ceremonies and Music of Joseon Dynasty
| Issue : 1998.08.05 | ISBN : 89-521-0002-6
The Joseon Dynasty espoused benevolent government as its governing ideology, in which it attempted to enlighten the people by means of proprieties and music. The systemization of t...
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