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The Agrarian Relationships in the Ancient and Early Medieval Korea
| Issue : 2005.05.15 | ISBN : 89-521-0584-2
The study attempted to understand the early part of the Korean history through the agrarian relationships, including the ownership of the land, types of its management, and changes...
A New Interpretation of Samguksaki (History of the Three Kingdoms)
| Issue : 2004.12.30 | ISBN : 89-521-0521-4
A new interpretation of Kim Bu-sik's History of the Three Kingdoms, this book calls for our attention to the question of how we should understand History of the Three Kingdoms. For...
History, Landscape, and Culture of the Modern City Mokpo
| Issue : 2004.09.10 | ISBN : 89-521-0542-7
This book is a fresh attempt to restructure the history of 20th-century Mokpo that has transformed itself into a modern city since the opening of the port. It focuses on changes in...
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