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Well-being Medicine
Hee Soon Chung | Issue : 2007.02.25 | ISBN : 978-89-521-0767-1
Recently, 'well-being' has become a hot issue for people who want to live a more healthy existence, both physically and psychologically. This book is written by medical doctors for...
Ecological Knowledge Embedded in Traditional Korean Landscapes
| Issue : 2006.09.30 | ISBN : 89-521-0452-8
Generally, traditional knowledge tended to integrate science and culture in a holistic way. Probably because of this, Korea's traditional wisdoms have many things that are learned ...
Radiation Technology
| Issue : 2006.08.30 | ISBN : 89-521-0726-8
Since the discovery of radiation and with abundant availability of radioisotopes, applications of radiation have expanded rapidly in diverse fields, including oil exploration, manu...
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