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Korean Families: Continuity and Change...
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 Publication Date 2011.12.30
 Language English
 Format hardcover
 Pages 436 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-1257-6 (93330)
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The book is organized into an introduction and five subsequent parts with 13 chapters overall. The introduction provides a brief overview of the continuity and changes in the patrilineal culture of the current Korean family. Part I, Traditional Korean Families, presents a historical analysis of the family/kinship system and women¡¯s life during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties. Part II, Family and Society, includes two chapters on changes in the family population and families with the concept of ¡®compressed modernity¡¯, and examines family issues at the macro level. Part III, Family, Change, and Space, includes three chapters on family life among the rural, urban, and lower classes based on intensive qualitative research. Part IV, Family and Gender, includes three chapters on the image of the Korean family, love and marriage, and work-family reconciliation as discussed from feminist perspectives. Part V, the Family in Life Stages, includes three chapters on the early, middle, and late years of the family, focusing on family relations.
This book, edited from an interdisciplinary perspective, will be a useful guide and reference for those who expect a deeper understanding of the Korean family.
Introduction: Continuity and Change in Patrilineal Culture of Korean Families
Ok, Sun Wha (Seoul National University)
I. Traditional Korean Families
1. Family/Kinship System under the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties
Yi, Jong Seo (Ulsan University)
2. From a Daughter to Daughter-in-law
Lee, SoonGu (National Institute of Korean History)
II. Family and Society
3. Changes in Population and Family in Korea
Eun, Ki-Soo (Seoul National University)
4.Compressed Modernity and Korean Families: Accidental Pluralism in Family Ideology
Chang, Kyung-Sup (Seoul National University)
III. Family, Change, and Space
5. Economic Roles of Women and Men in Korean Rural Families: Between 1930 and 1980
Park, Boo Jin (Myongji University)
6. Urban Family Relationships in the Rapidly Industrializing Korean Society
Kim, Myung-hye (Chonnam National University)
7. An Evaluation of Older Less-Educated, Lower-Class Working Women
Cho, Oakla (Sogang University)
IV. Family and Gender
8. Imagining the South Korean Family beyond Patriarchy
Lee, Jae Kyung (Ewha Womans University)
9. Love, Sexuality, and Marriage
Sohn, Seong Young (Dongduk Women's University)
10. Women's Work and Kin Relationships since the 1960s
Kim, Hye-Kyung (Chonbuk National University)
V. Family in Life Stages
11. The Early Years of Marriage
Chung, Hyunsook (Sangmyung University)
12. Korean Families in Mid-Life: Over-Emphasis on Children¡¯s Education
Chin, Meejung (Seoul National University)
13. Korean Family Relationships in Later Life
Sung, Miai (Korea National Open University)
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