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Handaxes in the Imjin Basin...
Diversity and Variability in the East Asian Paleolithic
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Author name Seonbok Yi
 Publication Date 2011.09.30
 Language English
 Format hardcover
 Pages 326 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-1248-4 (93900)
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Discovery of Acheulian-like handaxes in the Imjin River basin in central Korea in the late 1970s highlighted the inherent problems of the conception of the socalled Movius Line. While they make it clear that mere presence or absence of certain stone tools cannot provide meaningful ground for understanding the real patterning in paleolithic records, these pieces nevertheless do not appear to be identical to similar artifacts found in more westerly locale. In this volume,
authors from different backgrounds discuss the characteristics of the East Asian paleolithic assemblages to attempt to understand the overall nature of the regional Pleistocene prehistory.
Seonbok Yi

Handaxes in the Imjin Basin
(Seoul National University Press, 2011.09.30) Except numbers
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1. Handaxes in the Imjin Basin
Seonbok Yi

Part I For Understanding Diversity and Variability

2. Tradition and Context: Challenges in the Interpretation of the Early Paleolithic
Michael A. Jochim

3. Historical Connection and Formal Convergence in the Lower Paleolithic of Eurasia
Geoffrey. A. Clark

4. Some General Thoughts on Lower Paleolithic Technological Dispersals: Implications for Understanding the Movius Line
Parth R. Chauhan

5. Evolutionary Trends in Asian Homo erectus and Their Implications for Technological/Behavioral Changes
Yousuke Kaifu

Part II Paleolithic Evidence in East Asia

6. Assessment and Critique of Chronometric Ages Associated with ˇ°Earlyˇ± Acheulean Assemblages in the Indian Subcontinent
Michael D. Petraglia

7. Acheulean Tools in the Indonesian Paleolithic
Truman Simanjuntak

8. The Nature of Paleolithic Handaxes from China and Its Implications for Lower Paleolithic Cultural Variation
Gao Xing

9. Current Topics in Siberian Paleolithic Prehistory: Land Use, Mobility, and Technological Organization in the Transbaikal
Ian Buvit and Karisa Terry

10. Pre- to Early Upper Paleolithic in Northeast Asia: Some Geochronological Evidence
Masami Izuho and Yuichi Nakazawa

Part III Discussion

List of Contributors
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