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New Asias: Global Futures of World Regions...
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Author name Hyun-Chin Lim
 Publication Date 2010.09.02
 Language English
 Format paperback
 Pages 344 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-1126-5 (94300)
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New Asias: Global Futures of World Regions
(Seoul National University Press, 2010.09.02) Except numbers
Introduction: The New Asias and the Rise of Global Regions
| Wolf Schäfer & Hyun-Chin Lim

Part I. Theoretical Approaches

1. Globalizing Asia – Toward a New Development Paradigm
| Hyun-Chin Lim

2. Concepts of Globalization, Globalism and Globality and the Method of Lean Globality Studies – A Critical Adjustment
| Wolf Schäfer

3. Globalization and Asian Fordisms
| Gert Schmidt

4. Knowledge Networks in East Asia – From Commerce to Community
| Dennis McNamara

5. Globalization Theory and East Asia
| Markus Pohlmann & Jong Hee Lee

6. Twenty-First Century Globalization – Propositions and Perspectives
| Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Part II. Comparative Studies

7. Asian Capitalism – Diverging Beneficiaries of Globalization?
| Oscar Kurer

8. The Dialectic of ˇ°Good Governanceˇ± and Democracy in Southeast Asia – Globalized Discourses and Local Responses
| Mark Thompson

9. A Comparative Study of Trust in Japan and Korea – How Can We Solve Korean Puzzles in the Study of Trust?
| Yoshimichi Sato

10. Theorizing International Norms and Immigrant Rights – Japanese Cases
| Hideki Tarumoto

11. China in the Passing Lane? Development and Prospects of the Chinese Automobile Industry
| Holger Bungshe
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