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A Study of the Tacheng dialect of the Dagur language...
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Author name Yu Won Soo
 Publication Date 2008.08.29
 Language English
 Format hardcover
 Pages 240 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0949-1 (93970)
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This book is a linguistic description of the Tacheng dialect of the Dagur language, based on the fieldwork carried by The Mongolian Languages team of Researches on Endangered Altaic Languages, the Altaic Society of Korea.
In the first chapter, Dagur people, genetic position of the Dagur language, its 4 dialects are introduced. Also the aspect and the nature of the endangerment of this ˇ°severely endangeredˇ± language are discussed.
In the second chapter, we report our trip to Tacheng (Xinjiang, China), people who worked with us, and our consultants who were eager to help us.
The third chapter of this work includes the phonological, the morphological, and the syntactic features of the Tacheng Dagur dialect. In the phonology part, 18 vowel phonemes and 18 consonants phonemes are tentatively proposed with their allophones.
In the morphology, pertinent features to each parts of speech (noun, adjective, numeral, pronoun, verb, adverb, postposition, particle, interjection) are discussed. In the syntax, remarks were made on the word order, finite forms, and conjunctions, etc.
In the appendix, 2,600 words, 340 conversational expressions, 283 sentences and constructions were presented in phonemic transcription with English meanings. Over 100 unanswered words are also presented in the separate section with Chinese and English meanings.
Yu Won Soo

A Study of the Tacheng dialect of the Dagur language
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.08.29) Except numbers
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