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A Study of the Middle Chulym Dialect...
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Author name Li yong song
 Publication Date 2008.08.29
 Language English
 Format hardcover
 Pages 272 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0948-4 (93970)
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Li yong song

A Study of the Middle Chulym Dialect
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.08.29) Except numbers
Turkic Languages team of The Altaic Society of Korea, Researches on Endangered Altaic Languages (ASK REAL from now on) did its fieldwork studies on some 30 Turkic languages and dialects from September of 2003 to August of 2007 including Chulym Turkish (Middle Chulym Dialect) which is spoken by several hundred Turkic people in the Tomsk Oblast¡¯ and the Krasnojarsk Kraj in Russia.
This work is composed of three chapters and three appendixes. The first and the second chapter are a general introduction to the Chulym people, Chulym language and its dialects, reports on the fieldwork studies in Tomsk city, Tomsk Oblast¡¯.
The third chapter is a phonological, morphological, and syntactic information on this disappearing small Turkic dialect.
Appendixes include almost 1,000 words with their phonological and phonetic forms and English meanings. Over 300 conversational expressions and over 200 sentences and constructions for the grammatical survey are presented in the appendixes also with their phonological and phonetic forms and meanings.
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