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Materials of Spoken Manchu...
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Author name Kim Ju Won
 Publication Date 2008.08.30
 Language English
 Format hardcover
 Pages 228 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0947-7 (93970)
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This book offers spoken Manchu data and a brief linguistic description of spoken Manchu used in Sanjiazi village, Fuyu county in China. This book is a report of our fieldwork research that we carried out as part of the research project ¡ª REAL (Researches on Endangered Altaic Languages) ¡ª of the Altaic Society of Korea.
Manchu language is spoken by less than 10 speakers, who are over 70 years old. This language is classified as a ¡®nearly extinct language.¡¯ In May, 2005 and in February, 2006, we interviewed our consultant Mr. Meng Xianxiao. He learnt Manchu from old people at the village. Based on our questionnaire, we have recorded about 1,800 items, 340 conversational sentences and 370 sentences for grammatical analysis. As Manchu is a nearly extinct language, we could find many common phenomena which dying languages share.
Recently Manchu is educated at an elementary school in Sanjiazi village. A combination of local education authorities¡¯ effort and students passion for reading their texts in their native tongue would lead us to have a hope for the survival of Manchu.
Kim Ju Won

Materials of Spoken Manchu
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.08.30) Except numbers
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