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Media Language and Korean Language Education...
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Author name Yoon Yeo Tak
 Publication Date 2008.09.20
 Language Korean
 Format paperback
 Pages 324 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0937-8 (93370)
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This book is an introduction to media literacy education or ˇ°media language educationˇ± within Korean education. Media language is an operational term that is used in the context of incorporating media literacy within Korean education. Media literacy education can be considered as an extension of general literacy education in that it deals with reading and writing different types of texts. However, rather than solely focusing on oral and written language, the language of media includes visual signs and moving images. Media literacy education also emphasizes developing new skills for understanding the characteristics and effects of the media as channels of transmitting messages, in terms of how these channels might be related to the ways in which the producers and receivers of messages interact. Korean teachers are relatively unfamiliar with media language skills, though such skills are growing in importance in the present age of digital media when ordinary people can become producers and distributors of their own texts through the Internet. The following work thus introduces media literacy education for Korean teachers in terms of theory, research, curriculum and classroom practices.
Yoon Yeo Tak

Media Language and Korean Language Education
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.09.20) Except numbers
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