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Life and culture of Koguryo People on Tomb Murals...
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Author name Jeon Ho Tae
 Publication Date 2008.05.31
 Language Korean
 Format paperback
 Pages 284 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0910-1 (03560)
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The attire of the Koguryo people can be seen more in mural figure drawings than in documents. According to these drawings, nomadic tribes inland of Asia shared the same style of attire with the Koguryo people. Males basically wore a Korean jacket called Jeogoriand Korean trousers called baji. They also wore outer garments, bands, head ornaments and head wear, and shoes. Female clothes were very similar to that of male with the addition of a long, wide skirt. The materials, colors, girth of trousers and skirt, seam decoration, and pattern of clothes differed according to social status, class, and region.
The Koguryo people enjoyed watching dancers wearing long jackets with short sleeves and roomy trousers. They liked to see the dancers move and flutter their attire while they spun around or bent or extended their arms. It was thought that these dancers resembled birds. This was a genre of Koguryo and very popular in ancient East Asia. Dance is divide dinto solo, pair, and group; dance with instruments or dance without instruments; and dance choruses of men or women. Koguryo murals depict various dance forms.
The perception of sacred birds and animals came from constellations and Taoism. Among them, auspicious birds were considered to be the most important ones. This is evidence of the Koguryo peoples admiration of and unique belief in the power of birds. Birds named chunchoo () and mahnse (ؿ) with human heads are birds in dreams that pray for a good life for the living and the dead.
Jeon Ho Tae

Life and culture of Koguryo People on Tomb Murals
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.05.31) Except numbers
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