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Code of Twelve Animals that Reads Fate...
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Author name Cheon Jin Gi
 Publication Date 2008.02.01
 Language Korean
 Format paperback
 Pages 214 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0902-6 (03380)
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The cultural emblems and symbolic systems of the twelve animals have greatly influenced the ideas and attitudes of Koreans for thousands of years. In this regard, finding out how the animals are reflected in Korean culture helps understand Koreans' consciousness in Korean cultural system. The relations between Koreans and the zodiac culture and its symbolism are another key to the secrets of Korean culture and a process of dealing with the identity of Korean people.
The twelve animals are a rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, fowl, dog and pig. A rat is a symbol of blessing of having things to eat and a thief who walks around in a house and steals something to eat. A rat is also likened to a well-informed man as it wanders around the world, and symbolizes fecundity as it can become pregnant at any time. A cat is a symbol of simple honesty and diligence, and a friend of hermits. A tiger is incarnation of the god of mountains and represented the stupidity of a man of power. A rabbit is a cultural heroine who laid the cultural groundwork for humans, and was good at deceiving the strong and representing the weak. As an animal of imagination and the god of water, a dragon has a divine nature, freely crosses the sky and earth, and changes its figures. A snake is deemed as a creature of immortality and revival due to its ecological characteristics such as hibernation and its cast-off skin. As an importance of transportation, a horse is an envoy of sky who carries souls of the dead to the sky. A sheep is a creature of peace and obedience. A monkey with high talents is an animal that stole a mythical peach, a fruit of health and longevity that was eaten by the Supreme Being and Taoist hermits with supernatural powers. A fowl is a symbol of dawn and dispelling evil spirits and is deemed to be an auspicious omen with a supernatural power. A dog is a symbol of faithfulness to his master and is considered to be an animal that guides the world beyond and this world. A pig is a symbol of not only richness and blessing, but greed and idleness.
Cheon Jin Gi

Code of Twelve Animals that Reads Fate
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.02.01) Except numbers
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