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Lyuh Woon Hyung: The Korean Harmonist...
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Author name Chong-Sik Lee
 Publication Date 2008.07.30
 Language Korean
 Format hardcover
 Pages 864 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0866-1 (93340)
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Chong-Sik Lee

Lyuh Woon Hyung: The Korean Harmonist
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.07.30) Except numbers
Lyuh Woon Hyung's life and career as a nationalist epitomize the turbulent history of modern Korea. He witnessed how Japan's 21demands in 1915 incensed and aroused the Chinese nation and became a life-long father against imperialism. He was drawn to the Bolsheviks after they provided assistances to the Chinese and Korean revolutionaries against Japan and imperialist-supported warlords. After Korea's liberation from Japan he draw on his experiences in China to try to unite Korea's left and right wings and collaborated with the Soviet and American occupation authorities to unite Korea His relations with the Communists ruptured in 1947 when the Soviet Command attempted to absorb his people's party into the South Korean Labor Party. The Soviet Union he had once admired had turned into an imperialist power. He was on his way to negotiate the terms of appointment as Civil Governor under U.S occupation when he was assassinated.

Lyuh's egalitarianism can be attributed to his Tonghak Family background reinforced by 5 years as protestant missionary's aide, and to Marxism. While he shared Marxist ideals with the Communists, his insistence on national independence and his aversion to violence separated him from them. He stated that his Christian background prevented him from accepting historical materialism.
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