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Korean modern Arts in Art Historical Prospect...
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Author name
 Publication Date 2008.05.30
 Language Korean
 Format paperback
 Pages 280 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0798-5 (93600)
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Korean modern art has developed remarkably as evidenced by a huge increase in number of artists and art lovers, multifunctional and diversified trend of art fields, flourishing and experimental spirit of artists for creativity, booming activity for exhibition and art collection, active criticism, systematization of art education, commercialization of the art market, and frequent exchange with foreign arts. Korean modern art indeed shows unprecedented achievement and strong possibility to take another big leap forward.

To make a further leap possible, however, Korean art needs to clear some barriers such as insufficiency of creativity, indifference to artistic thought and philosophy, disregard of Korean artistic tradition, indiscreet acceptance of foreign art, discontent criticism, absurdity and insufficient improvement of art education, and unstable prevalence of art commercialism. To improve and complement these shortcomings will contribute to the successful future of the Korean modern art. From the prospect of art history, the author takes a keen observation on all these circumstances and problems in Korean modern art and offers feasible solutions to improve the current situation.
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