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acid rain...
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Author name Kim Joon Ho
 Publication Date 2008.01.30
 Language Korean
 Format paperback
 Pages 376 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0784-8 (93470)
 Status Stocks Have in stock
This book is described as having been written for those who are greatly interested in acid rain, one of the world's current environmental crises die to its harm to ecosystems, corrosion of material and damage to human health. Contents of the book include a description of the characteristics of rain water as the foundation for understanding acid rain, an explanation of the process of atmospheric acidic gases, from emission to deposition, which are a precursor to acid rain, and an elucidation of the current acidity of rain water in Seoul, in Korea and in select cities around the world. The author also compares Korean soil acidity with that of the foreign countries that have already been damaged by acid rain and discusses the adverse effect of forest damage by acid rain on the one hand while exploring the mitigating effect of acid rain toxicity by forest functions on the other. Finally, the author considers the damage to fish and freshwater organisms living in the acid water and presents theory and practice for the restoration of eco systems damaged by acid rain based on research results. These are all the basis on ecology expected with material corrosion and health.
Kim Joon Ho

acid rain
(Seoul National University Press, 2008.01.30) Except numbers
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