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Modern European Politics...
Integration of Politics and Politics of Integration
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Author name Gye-Dong Kim
 Publication Date 2007.10.10
 Language Korean
 Format paperback
 Pages 900 pages
 ISBN 978-89-521-0772-5 (93340)
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This book is a comprehensive examination of European politics. The first section analyzes the creation of the modem European order, as well as Europe¡¯s state and political systems. This book explores the effects that the Cold War has had on the contemporary European order. It also analyzes Europe's state systems based upon the federal and unitary system. The political systems described in this book include the structure of the government which can be divided into the European parliamentary system and the American presidential system, the parliament systems' one-chamber and multi-chamber structures, and the electoral systems comprising various proportional methods.
The second section deals with European integration. Integration theory, created during the process of integration and the basic framework for future integration, encompasses functionalism, neo-functionalism, supranationalism, intergovernmentalism, federalism, and multi-level governance. Europe is explained in terms of its increasing and expanding integration. The European Union's structure is analyzed using the theoretical framework of supranationalism and intergovernmentalism, and the European Union¡¯s policies in various fields are researched to identify the nature of the integration. Finally, the study on the stateness of the European Union and the democratic deficit of integration clarifies the future of Europe¡¯s integration.
Gye-Dong Kim

Modern European Politics
(Seoul National University Press, 2007.10.10) Except numbers
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