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Religion, Ethnicity and Modernity in Southeast Asia...
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Author name
 Publication Date 1998.11.10
 Language English
 Format paperback
 Pages 262 pages
 ISBN 89-7096-316-2
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The essays in this volume, originally presented for a conference held in Seoul in November 1996 under auspices of the Graduate Institute for International and Area Studies of Seoul National University, deal with problems relating to religion and modernity in Southeast Asian countries which, during the last half-century, have made their utmost efforts to pursue modernization as is supposed to have been attained in the West. The main subject of the volume is to show how major religions in Southeast Asia, including Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism, have created new forms and meanings of religious beliefs and practices in response to changing context of modernization process. It focuses on various religious revival movements in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, explaining complex relations between religiosity, ethnicity, state, gender and class in the development of religious revivalism. As the causes of religious revivalism in Southeast Asia are diverse, so are the ways of its manifestation. Renewal of popular beliefs, stress on rational interpretations of religions, emergence of counter-hegemonic religious forms and discourses threatening 'orthodox' doctrines are the facets of recent religious development. These diversities imply that modern religious life is dominated by plural interpretations and practices and that study of religion should be focused on the multiplicity of religious expressions and historical, socio-political and cultural contexts in which these are adopted, maintained and reproduced.
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