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Buddhism of Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla...
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Author name
 Publication Date 2005.12.26
 Language Korean
 Format hardcover
 Pages 364 pages
 ISBN 89-521-0539-7
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This book is the first source on Korean philosophy. This is a comprehensive sourcebook of Korean Buddhism, mostly intellectual and philosophical material of ancient. Now we may meet a rare and noble inheritance. The three kingdoms and the unified Silla period is the transplanting of Chinese Buddhism into Korea and the fusion of shamanism and Buddhism. In the case of Korea after Mahayana texts and holy images were transmitted from China (officially in A.D. 372), Buddhism took root as the most influential religious culture in the country. In its ability to embrace other belief systems, Buddhism was also able to permeate and fuse with the holistic and anthropomorphic vision of shamanism. We may consider the above period as being the first period of paradigm shift in Korean Buddhism.
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