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Korean Architecture (Latest Edition)...
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Author name
 Publication Date 2002.12.10
 Language Korean
 Format hardcover
 Pages 732 pages
 ISBN 89-521-0380-7
 Status Stocks Have in stock
A revision of a book first published in 1973, by an author who has studied the Korean architecture, this book reflects the latest research in this field. Dividing the history of Korean architecture into the primitive age, medieval times, and modern times, this book surveys architectural problems and solutions and the architectural style of each period in an effort to awaken readers to the cultural tradition of Korean architecture.
Korean Architecture, first published in 1996, is a chronological record that describes the development of architectural culture in Korea. Its references included paintings and crafts as well as architectural relics, architectural ruins, and bibliography. The author describes the development of Korea's architectural culture based on the result of the comprehensive research and analysis of such materials. The latest edition of Korean Architecture, therefore, is a definitive clarification of the characteristics and content of traditional Korean architectural culture. Since the publication of the first edition of the book, the author also published Chinese Architecture and Japanese Architecture through Seoul National University Press. They were followed by Indian Architecture to complete the tetralogy of Asian architectural history. Readers of Korean Architecture may want to consult the development of Asian architectural culture in the other three books to deepen and broaden their understanding of the development of Korean architectural culture. When the fourth edition of Korean Architecture was published in 2002, the author corrected some typos and minor mistakes found in the first edition. For this edition, the Korean Hangeul alphabet was used instead of Chinese characters for the benefit of young readers, with the Chinese characters included in parentheses to help understanding of the text.
In December 2003, a Japanese translation of the new Korean Architecture was published by Chuow Koron Art Publishing Co., Tokyo, Japan and gained numerous Japanese readers.
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