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An Introduction to the Architecture of the Joseon Dynasty...
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Author name
 Publication Date 1999.11.25
 Language Korean
 Format hardcover
 Pages 266 pages
 ISBN 89-521-0114-6
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When we take note of the architectural realities around us where we have been lost in the influx of Western culture, it is necessary for both architectural experts and common people to understand the essence of traditional Korean architecture which was achieved during the Joseon Dynasty. This book was written to give an extensive understanding of the qualities unique to the Korean people expressed in the Joseon architecture. It mainly addresses the background of building houses and the characteristics of their structure, cities and city walls, facilities for ancestral rites, palaces, pavilions of scholars and gentlemen and private Confucian academies, Buddhist temples, and special features of some residences. Its primary purpose was to present common distinctions found when buildings are collectively observed and a consistent trend in them, rather than enumerate characteristics of individual buildings.
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